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Congratulations to our COM Class of 2021 for their outstanding match results (98.0% overall match rate)!

CNU COM students have matched in very competitive specialties such as Orthopedic Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Radiology, Otolaryngology and surgery.

Many of our students have matched in well-known and very highly regarded residency programs... [Read More]

EGUSD teachers, staff start getting their COVID-19 vaccinations at CNU campus

ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — More than 400 employees within the Elk Grove Unified School District answered the call to get their COVID-19 vaccines Tuesday night at California Northstate University.

So far, around 1,350 teachers and staff members have registered to get their shots, not only to better protect themselves but also their students once they fully get back to in-person learning.... [Read More]

ABC 10: Elk Grove college designated as public vaccination site

California Northstate University [CNU] announced its Elk Grove campus has been designated as one of the primary sites for COVID-19 vaccination for the public in the Sacramento region. The clinic will open to the public through appointment if you fall into Phase 1A on Jan. 15...

...selected because “its pharmacy students and interns are trained and certified to administer vaccines. It also has ultra-low temperature storage freezers required to preserve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine safely before use.”... [Read More]

Flu Vaccination for Homeless Individuals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

...COP students provided flu vaccinations for 19 people living in the unsheltered community and talked with over 50 people, answering any questions they had about flu immunizations and other health concerns. This was an amazing learning opportunity for the students, who were humbled to learn more about the unique challenges this vulnerable population experiences on a daily basis... [Read More]

The Fauci Effect: Medical schools in Sacramento area are reporting an uptick in applications

Medical school deans around the nation are seeing what they are calling the “Fauci Effect,” as the number of applications at their medical schools have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges...

...Dr. Joseph Silva, dean of the medical school at California Northstate, has known Fauci since they were both fellows in the study of infectious diseases in 1969, back before it was a subspecialty...[Read More]

California Northstate University Center And Teaching Hospital Is On Track To Serve Elk Grove Residents

...California has a serious hospital bed shortage ranking 44th out of 50 states, and the nine-county region has a shortage of 1,800 to 3,200 hospital beds, according to national health statistics.

Fortunately, plans are underway to address this critical shortage with the building of the first hospital in Elk Grove: California Northstate University Medical Center and Teaching Hospital (CNUMC).

The proposed teaching hospital will be located off I-5 at the Elk Grove Blvd exit. It will serve the west side of Elk Grove and the larger surrounding region. The 250-bed hospital will be built and eventually expanded to 400 beds...[Read More]

California Northstate University Announces New Scholarship To Recognize Academic Excellence and Diversity

…California Northstate University (CNU) announced that it has established the President Academic and Diversity Scholarship, in a partnership between the CNU President’s Office and Duruisseau Foundation, a nonprofit established by Dr. Shelton Duruisseau, CEO of Quantum Care Place, Inc., a senior care and housing company, and former Vice President for Diversity & Community Engagement at the UC Davis Health System... [Read More]

Elk Grove Tribune: California Northstate University College of Medicine Awarded NIH Grant To Support Cardiovascular Research

…Dr. Arpita K Vyas, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology and Assistant Dean for Research at the College of Medicine, has received a four-year, $2.5-million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

As principal investigator, Dr. Vyas will lead and establish multi-institutional cardiovascular research studies with three collaborating universities–the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the University of California, Davis. The R01 research project grant titled Gestational Hyperandrogenism in Cardiovascular Programming (2020-2024) will address the mechanisms underlying sex-specific cardiovascular dysfunction in the offspring, secondary to excess androgens exposure prenatally. The project will advance the field of prenatal programming of the cardiovascular system… [Read More]

Elk Grove Tribune: CNU Brings Diversity & Inclusion To Healthcare With Youth Focused Summer Camp

“Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords for Elk Grove’s California Northstate University (CNU) College of Medicine.

The four-year MD program whose mission is to “Advance the Art and Science of Medicine through Education, Service, Scholarship, and Social Accountability” put words into action this week as it kicked off its “Diversity in Medicine Camp.” In partnership with Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) and tech giant Intel Corporation, the youth focused summer camp is CNU’s most recent effort to bring more minorities into the field of healthcare…” [Read More]

Elk Grove Tribune: CNU College of Medicine Donates Protective Medical Supplies

“…15,500 surgical masks, 100 goggles, 100 face shields, and gel sanitizers have been given to senior care facilities, the Elk Grove Food Bank, and Methodist Hospital of Sacramento. 7,500 of the masks are for senior care and residential facilities in Elk Grove, and 4,000 each will go to Methodist Hospital and Elk Grove Food Bank. The ceremony and pick up of the materials also observed social distancing practices…” [Read More]"

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California Northstate University College of Pharmacy Ranks No. 4 in Statewide Licensing Exam

…California Northstate University (CNU) announced that its College of Pharmacy (COP) has been ranked No. 4 in the state in the recently published California State Board of Pharmacy report for passing rates on the latest California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination for Pharmacists (CPJE).

The results demonstrate the effectiveness of new strategies for curriculum improvement and individual competency assessment. Passing the CPJE is one of the required components to practice as a pharmacist in the State of California… [Read More]

Rancho Cordova Independent: California Northstate University to Construct New On-Campus Dormitory

…the Dormitory will be located on an underutilized parking lot immediately adjacent to the existing Health Science College campus which typically enrolls around 300 students, and designed to serve the students living and studying there. Additional amenities include laundry facilities, a lounge and recreation facility. On-site vehicle, electric charge stations, and bicycle parking will still be provided.

Providing quality student housing on campus will be a convenient for students, will reduce unnecessary vehicle trips, lessen need for students to commute from home, improve air quality and may even result in students not needing a vehicle at all… [Read More]

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