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ITLE Strategic Plan, 2019-2022

Healthcare needs and delivery are changing at a rapid pace both worldwide and in the US creating a need for a parallel evolution of the modalities of delivery of healthcare education, which remains an unmet need. To address the urgent need for interactive, collaborative, peer-based, affordable, equitable, and socially responsible healthcare education, the leadership of the California Northstate University (CNU) established the Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ITLE) in November 2018.

ITLE Focus Areas

The ITLE is proposing a 3-year Strategic Plan (SP) and has identified five Focus Areas for initial program development. These include: 1) Technology and Distance Learning, 2) Interprofessional Education, 3) Faculty Development, 4) Professional Learning Communities including Faculty and Student Learning Communities, and 5) a Writing Center.


  1. Technology & Distance Education
    Facilitating faculty development in support of creating & delivering online and hybrid courses and programs at CNU
  2. Interprofessional Education
    Facilitating faculty development in interprofessional education & practice
  3. Faculty Development
    Developing programs to support, incentivize and enhance faculty productivity and the scholarship of teaching and learning at CNU
  4. Professional Learning Communities
    Establishing faculty learning communities & student learning communities to sustain self-directed lifelong learning
  5. Writing Center
    Supporting manuscript, grant, abstract, IRB, and other academic writing needs Deliverables, Timeline & Assessment.

In the current SP cycle, greater emphasis is placed on the development and implementation of Focus Areas 1-4. To optimize resource utilization, Focus Areas 5 will be developed starting the second year of its current operation. A detailed timeline and specific deliverables are provided as a chart (pages 7-11). Each Focus Area will be assessed with the Institute Director providing an Annual Report at the end of each Academic Year cycle to the VP of Academic Affairs.