Congratulations to Dr.. Ryan Sauer (CO 2020) for being awarded the 2020 United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Award. This national award recognizes PharmD students who have made “significant contributions to public health”. Ryan’s award notice was accompanied by a letter and certificate signed by Rear Admiral Ty Bingham, PharmD, the Assistant Surgeon General and Chief Professional Officer, Pharmacist in the USPHS. Kudos to his faculty advisors and preceptors.

Ryan has shown exemplary service and leadership in the realm of Public Health Pharmacy for more than a decade. His knowledge and skills span a wide range of public health topics, including an early grasp of regulatory affairs, undergraduate research on environmental degradation of bioplastics, publications and presentations on drug safety, community service and mental health issues, including clozapine REMS compliance, occupational safety, advocacy, and healthcare policy. His interest in regulatory affairs resulted in work with his APPE preceptors on USP 797 and 200, CDC-NIOSH compliance, and occupational safety using NIOSH guidelines for safe handling of hazardous pharmaceuticals. He worked with local law enforcement to furnished naloxone kits and counseled individuals living in a remote camp of unhoused individuals. He was active in the California Pharmacist Legislative Day, including organizing the well-attended “Pharmacy-on-Tap” event. During Legislative Day, his knowledge of the proposed bills lead to his selection of team spokesperson, where he directly discussed a healthcare bill with the Legislative Assemblyman.

Dr. Sauer has held leadership positions, including being the CNU American Pharmacist Association Generation Rx Chair, a member of California Pharmacy Student Leadership (CAPSLEAD), and the CNU representative on the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Board of Directors. He also has educated himself about state and national pharmacy regulations and policies, including interventions pharmacists can make to drive effective healthcare policies.

In this serious time of COVID-19, where the importance of public health is being widely recognized and valued, CNUCOP is proud to have students such as Dr. Ryan Sauer honored at this highest national level.